How does a dog know how I’m feeling?

The relationship between a canine and his owner is complex and something that pet experts, behaviorists and psychologists have been studying for many years. Whereas humans are compelled to think about themselves both separately and in tandem with situations and circumstances that they are involved with, a dog will only identify himself in terms of what he is experiencing at that moment, the environment that he is in, and the pack he is with. For this reasons, dogs are in tune with what their owners are feeling because they identify themselves as part of a pack with their family members and does not separate itself from that pack mentality.

Many dog experts believe that a dog’s life is mostly a reaction to his owner’s life. Dogs do what their owners tell them (for the most part), eat what their owners give them, go to the bathroom when their owners let them, and sleep when their owners sleep. A dog’s life is dependent on the owner’s life, so it’s only natural that a dog will feel a deep connection to his owner.

Dogs are also thought to have sensitivity towards emotion and illness. Many dogs are able to pick up on sickness and death, even before humans are able to. Dogs also tend to act and react based on their owner’s emotions. If an owner is feeling confident and happy, a dog will feel the same. If an owner is feeling depressed or sick, a dog will enter into that state of mind as well and try to tend to his owner.

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