How does a dog ‘interpret’ the scenario where a delivery person comes to the door and then leaves?

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To a dog, a delivery person approaching the home or apartment and then leaving can be a confusing situation. Most times, when a person approaching the front door either knocks or rings the doorbell, the person is invited inside, where the dog is able to sniff and greet the new person. However, a delivery person either drops something off at the front door and leaves, or has a very brief interaction with a member of the family at the door before departing. A dog never has an opportunity to greet and sniff the delivery person.

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to gain information about people, dogs and new circumstances, so not being able to sniff a delivery person makes them a potential threat. A dog’s natural instinct is to protect its pack or family and to guard the home. Dogs will bark at delivery people to warn them, and make their presence known.

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