How does a dog develop mats in her fur?

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A dog’s hair can become matted for a number of different reasons. A dog with medium to long length hair that rolls around frequently might get mats in her fur from the rolling. Dogs who lick excessively also might get a mat in their fur from the licking. Dogs with thick, medium to long length hair that are never brushed or groomed will also have a higher chance of getting mats in their fur.

Bathing a dog regularly is a good way to keep mats out of a dog’s fur. Clean fur is less likely to mat than oily or dried out fur. You should also brush your dog regularly to keep the coat clean, healthy and tangle-free.

If a dog has an undercoat, use a tool like the FURminator to remove the excess coat to prevent matting. If your dog has long hair, keep the hair trimmed and tidy.

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