How do you use treats and praise to acclimate your dog to accept having her claws trimmed?

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Some dogs shy away from having their nails trimmed and will run away at the sight of the clippers. However, there are some ways that you can acclimate your dog and have her accept having her claws trimmed. You can start when your dog is a puppy, gently touching her paws throughout the day and when she is sleeping. This will make touching your dog’s paws when its time to trim the nails much easier because your dog will be comfortable with having her paws touched.

You can also teach your dog tricks that involve her presenting her paws, such as “shake.” Give your dog plenty of treats and praise when she gives you her paw to shake. You should also give your dog praise whenever you touch her paws and she doesn’t pull away.

When you prepare the area where you will trim your dog’s nails, also have treats on hand so that you can reward your dog after you’re done trimming the nails on each paw. Giving treats after each paw will give your dog a little bit of a rest, and also reinforce that she is being a good dog by allowing you to hold her paw and trim her nails.

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