How do you use styptic powder to stop bleeding caused by cutting the quick?

Many dog owners shy away from cutting their own dog’s nails for fear of cutting the quick. The quick is living flesh that is within the nail and often appears as a pink triangle. When clipping the nails, it’s important to clip the nail without clipping the quick. Leave ample room between the cut and the quick, as clipping the quick can result in pain and excessive bleeding. If you do cut the quick, be sure to have styptic powder on hand.

Styptic powder is a clotting agent that can help slow down the bleeding. If a dog’s nail is bleeding as a result of cutting the quick, don’t panic. Simply open the jar of styptic powder, dip your dog’s entire paw into the jar of powder, and then hold your dog’s paw so that he can’t step on the floor or lick the paw. The styptic powder should start to take effect in approximately 15 seconds.

If the paw is still dripping blood after about 15 seconds, dip the paw into the styptic powder once again. Hold the paw so that your dog cannot put it on the ground or lick. A few dips into the powder might be necessary, depending on how badly the quick has been cut.

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