How do you trim the tips of the nails without cutting the quick?

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Trimming a dog’s nails is vital to his overall health. Long nails can easily break, causing a dog pain. In addition, long nails can make it difficult and painful for a dog to walk, and increase the chances that a dog will have arthritis later in life. Many people take their dog to the veterinarian or a groomer to have their dog’s nails trimmed, while other will trim their dog’s nails at home.

One of the most important things to remember when trimming a dog’s nails is to avoid trimming too close to the quick. The quick is living flesh in a dog’s nail that will appear as a pink triangle. It’s easy to spot the quick in dogs with light-colored nails, and can be very hard to spot in dogs that have dark-colored or black nailed.

If you can see the quick of the dog’s nail, gently press on the paw pad of the nail you want to trim to expose more of the nail. Trim the nail without getting too close to the quick. Cutting the quick will be painful for the dog and cause excessive bleeding. If you can’t see the quick, only trim your dog’s nails slightly or take your dog to a groomer or veterinarian to have a professional trim your dog’s nails.

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