How do you safely squeeze the paw pads to retract the claws for clipping?

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In order to trim your dog’s nails, you’ll need to gently squeeze the pad of your dog’s paw at the base of the nail in order to gain better access to the claw. This is especially necessary for small dogs with small nails that can be hard to see. You’ll want to have maximum visibility and access to your dog’s nails when trimming to avoid cutting too close to the quick, which will cause pain and bleeding.

When you sit down to trim your dog’s nails, be sure that your dog is safe, secure and comfortable. Many people will have a helper to restrain their dog during the nail trimming process. You helper can hold your dog’s leg steady so that you can easily hold the paw and press on the paw pad to show the nail.

To trim your dog’s nail, gently squeeze on the paw pad until the nail is completely visible. Trim your dog’s nail using a nail trimmer specifically designed for dog, being careful to cut close to the quick, but not too close. Let go of the paw pad after trimming and move on to the next nail until all nails are trimmed.

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