How do you position yourself when trimming the nails of a small dog?

It can be tricky to trim the nails of a small dog, because he or she will be able to squirm away from you easier than a larger dog. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have a safe and secure grip on your dog before beginning to trim his nails. A dog squirming around during nail trimming could result in uneven cuts, cutting the quick of the nail, or broken nails.

One of the easiest ways to position your small dog when you are trimming his nails is on your lap. This way, you can hug your dog with your arm against your side, and still have both hands free to work with the paws. Hold the paw in one hand, gently squeezing on each paw pad as you go to reveal more of the nail. Make sure that you can see the nail and where you are trimming to avoid cutting too close to the quick.

Another option is to have someone else help you to secure your dog while you trim his nails. This helper can hold your small dog in a comfortable position that allows you to have access to your dog’s paws and the ability to cut each nail quickly and effectively.

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