How do you position yourself when trimming the nails of a large dog?

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When trimming the nails of a large dog, you want to make sure that the dog is in a comfortable and secure position so that he can’t jerk his paw back too much, or try to get away during the trimming. Most dogs don’t like having their nails trimmed, and will try to get away from the nail trimmer at all costs. For this reason, if you’re not able to securely restrain your large dog and clip his nails at the same time, it’s best to have a helper during the trimming process.

Have your help hold your dog in a way that almost looks like he is hugging your dog from above. Your helped should use his weight to keep the dog immobile, with one hand under the dog’s belly and the other either helping to hold the paw that you are trimming, or on the dog’s chest for added support. The helper hugging your dog should provide a sense of comfort and stability for the dog, and hopefully decrease the chances that he will want to squirm to get away.

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