How do you position a cat on your lap to trim his nails?

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The easiest time to trim your cat’s nails is when he’s relaxed or sleepy. For many people, the perfect time for this is in the evening, when the whole family is relaxed on the couch or in their favorite recliner. This is often the time of day when cats will settle in for their evening nap on his favorite human’s lap.

This time, or any time that your cat is cooperative and willing to sit on your lap for a few minutes, may be a perfect opportunity to trim his nails. Keep each session relaxed and patient, keeping in mind that you may only be able to do one paw or even just a few nails each time depending on your pet’s mood and patience.

The best way to position your cat on your lap for a nail trim is for them to be sitting upright, facing forward. One reason is that often, when you are holding his paw to trim a nail, his instinct is to back up to get away. This way, they will just back into your stomach and not be able to entirely escape. The other reason is if he decides to jump or run away, he is less likely to go through you to do it, which decreases your risk of getting scratched or bitten on your body or face.

Once your cat is settled on your lap, move slowly and calmly. Hold his paw and expose each claw with one hand while you operate the trimmers with the other. Take a break every few nails and pet your cat and praise him or give them a treat for his good behavior. Remember that you don’t have to do all of his nails at once, and if your cat becomes stressed out or aggressive, take a break and try again later.

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