How do you keep nail trimmers sharp and clean?

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In order to avoid tense relations with your cat while trimming his nails, it’s imperative to keep the trimmers that you use clean and sharp. Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate on the blade reduces its sharpness and effectiveness. Over time, many types of blades will become dull with use.

Attempting to trim your cat’s claws with dull clippers can create significant problems. Instead of cutting cleanly, they will often cause the claw to split or shred, or even pinch and cause pain. You may need to clip each claw more than once, which can be a challenge if you have a cat that is reluctant to cooperate. There are a few types of trimmers to consider when deciding how best to approach your feline and keep the blades in working order.

Guillotine-style nail trimmers come with a replacement blade, or you can purchase a package of replacements. To extend the life of the blade between replacements, wipe it with rubbing alcohol and use a stiff brush (such as a toothbrush) to remove debris. You may want to keep some clipper lubricant on hand, and apply a light coat to prevent rust.

Scissor-style trimmers can be kept clean and lubricated in a similar manner between uses. Apply lubricant to the hinge as well. This will keep them moving freely and smoothly. Higher quality clippers may only need to be sharpened periodically.

Human nail clippers are relatively inexpensive and should be replaced when they become dull. You can also keep them clean with a brush and rubbing alcohol. Lubricant may help prevent rusting and keep them functioning smoothly.

If you use water to clean any trimmers, dry them thoroughly to prevent rust. Rubbing alcohol may help evaporate the water and lubricant will protect them. Whatever clippers you decide to use, keeping them clean and sharp will help you safely and efficiently trim your pet’s nails.

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