How do you cut above the quick on dogs with dark-colored nails?

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It may be extremely difficult to spot the quick, the living flesh in a dog’s nail, when trimming dark-colored nails. For dog owners that trim their dogs’ nails at home, cutting the quick is one of the main concerns because it can cause the dog pain and lead to excessive bleeding at the site of the cut. When trimming a dog’s nails that are dark-colored, even more care needs to be taken not to cut the quick and hurt the dog.

If your dog has dark-colored or black nails, just cut the tip of the nail to avoid cutting the quick. You can trim each nail several times, getting closer to the quick with each cut you make. When you look at the nail head on, you should be able to see a small circle once you’ve gotten quite close to the quick. Stop when you see this circle, as it is an indicator that you are getting close to the tip of the quick.

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