How do probiotics work?

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Probiotics can play a very important role in helping to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Probiotics are a collection of macrobiotics, like beneficial bacteria and yeasts that can replace those that were naturally occurring in the intestines but have since been damaged in one form or another.

For example, take what occurs within the body when antibiotics are taken to fight off a harmful infection: the antibiotics will certainly rid the body of the harmful bacteria, but they will also result in the damage and elimination of healthy and naturally occurring bacteria in the intestine. It might seem counterproductive to then add more bacteria to a body that is fighting off an infection, but beneficial bacteria like those found in probiotics can truly make a positive difference.

The probiotics can help to restore the delicate balance in the intestine and help with the breakdown of nutrients. Better breaking down of the nutrients consumed will help to ensure that as much as possible of the nutrients eaten are put to good use in the body. This could also result in a healthier weight being achieved.

Probiotics have also been seen to show a marked increase in immunity health, which can help to stave off other illnesses that may have otherwise needed medical and antibiotic intervention.

While a well-balanced diet can certainly do a lot of good for the body, probiotics can help to give even a healthy body a good push in the right direction to optimal health. Probiotics aren’t just for humans– they have a role to play in the overall good health of both cats and dogs.

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