How do I make nail trimming a more pleasant experience for my cat?

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Trimming your cat’s nails is an important part of harmonious feline living. Trimmed claws can help to protect your furniture, as well your skin. However, cutting your cat’s nails can be a battle for both you and your cat unless you take the steps to ensure that it is easy and pleasant for both parties.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the sooner you start to introduce your cat to getting his nails trimmed, the easier it will become to trim the nails. However, you can introduce a cat of any age to the idea of routine nail trimming with a little time and patience.

Your cat should be comfortable with you handling every part of his body, including his legs and paws. You should be able to hold your cat’s paws in your hands and comfortably extend the nails without him getting upset with you. Before you even attempt to go near his paws with a pair of nail clippers, you should be doing your utmost to make your feline comfortable with having his legs and feet handled.

Your cat should also be comfortable sitting on your lap while you extend his nails and touch his feet. When you extend the nails, you should be able to easily see the quick. In white claws, it typically looks like a reddish-pink line. In order to avoid hurting your cat, you should avoid cutting far into the quick. Try to cut as far away from it as is possible.

With your cat comfortable and relaxed on your lap, extend one of his nails and quickly clip it off. If your cat is startled by the noise, then you may need to make the noise of the nail clippers around your cat for a few days until he‘s comfortable.

Once a cat is completely at ease with having his nails and paws handled and is content to hear the nail clippers clicking on each nail, you will soon find that your cat is more than willing to sit on your lap while you trim his nails. You may even think about giving him a few treats—and lots of praise—after his nails have been clipped, as a reward for his good behavior.

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