How do I dog-proof my living room?

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A living room provides an array of temptations for a new dog. While most of these are merely a nuisance to humans, some can be hazardous to the dog. The best way to dog-proof your living room is to sit down on the floor at a dog’s level and survey from the dog’s point of view.

Electrical cords are the most common hazard in a living room. Just think of the array of electrical cords there are in this part of the house. There is the television cord, DVD player, surround sound systems, game consoles and lamps, all within close proximity. A dog can chew on any of them without understanding the risk.

Other potential chew toys are remote controls, cell phones and computer mice. The batteries in these items can be toxic to a dog if chewed or swallowed.

A dog can strangle his or herself on the cord of a blind more quickly than most owners imagine. You should always place them at least 30 inches above the floor. You can also purchase cord shorteners to help you move them out of a dog’s reach.

Upholstery buttons on living room furniture can also pose a potential threat to your canine. A dog may think of them as something to be removed from the furniture. In the process, a button could be swallowed and cause significant damage to your dog’s digestive tract.

Whether you are planning on adopting a puppy or an adult dog, you should take a look around your home at a dog’s eye level to see what may entice them into trouble. Never leave a new dog unattended in your home until you know the dog’s personality and what he is capable of doing.

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