How do I dog-proof my kitchen?

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Before you adopt that adorable puppy or that sweet-looking adult dog from the shelter, you will need to dog-proof your home. All dogs are curious by nature and can get themselves into potentially hazardous situations. Let’s take a look at what you can do to help dog-proof your kitchen.

The number one thing that a dog will get into in the kitchen is the garbage. Think of the many interesting things that are in a garbage can on any given day! However, your trash can be dangerous. There are empty cleaning supply bottles, chicken bones, tin cans, and possibly broken glass. The first thing you need to do is to find an inaccessible place for your garbage can. This might be in a closet, under the sink or in the pantry.

Plastic bags are similarly hazardous for a dog. Not only can the dog chew up and swallow the bag, it is also possible for her to get her head stuck inside the bag and suffocate.

While everyone thinks to put safety locks on their kitchen cabinets for a new toddler in the home, they rarely think of doing the same thing for a new dog in the home. Dogs are quite capable of opening kitchen cabinets. They can get into the cleaning supplies you store under the sink, or any other item that is in the lower cabinets. Another place to consider is the countertops. What items are on your countertop that could be within the reach of a taller dog?

Finally, consider all of your electrical wires. Are there any exposed that a dog can reach to chew? Don’t forget to check under, in and around microwave stands. Sometimes these stands have shelves where a dog can reach the plug.

When dog-proofing your home, think of the dog as a new child. If you would move an item for a child, then you might want to consider moving it for a dog—at least for a little while.

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