How do I dog-proof my bedroom?

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Before you consider adopting a dog, whether a puppy or an adult, you should take a good look around your home. It’s important that your house is a safe environment for a canine. You don’t always know what type of environment an adult dog is used to, and puppies need a safe space to grow and run. This is especially true if you adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue. Let’s look at a few possible dangers for a dog in your bedroom.

The first thing you need to do is get down to a dog’s level. Sit in the floor of each bedroom the dog will have access to and look around. Do you see anything that would tempt a dog to chew? Are there any exposed electrical wires? Do you have any shelves with knick-knacks that the dog can knock off? Put away anything that might tempt the dog to chew, such as shoes or clothing.

If there is a child’s bedroom in your home, pay special attention to it. Children have a tendency to leave many tempting items on the floor. Make sure your children have a place to store their toys, like a toy box or a closet. Children need to understand that stuffed animals and other small toys like Barbie dolls can be hazardous to a dog that likes to chew on everything she encounters.

Make sure that any shampoo, conditioner or cleaning supplies in the bathroom are out of the dog’s reach. While shampoo and conditioner may not be toxic to a dog, they can be a mess to come home to if your dog makes them into chew toys.

Remember to try and look through the eyes of a dog. What might look enticing to play with? Dogs are curious by nature, and can find a host of things to get into. It’s best to err on the caution side and remove something before a dog has a chance to destroy it.

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