How do I determine the right shampoo to use on my dog?

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Because dogs don’t need to bathe as often as humans, it’s important to make the most of out of their bath time. Using the right shampoo on a dog will improve his coat quality, clean his fur and skin, and leave him feeling fresh and clean. Different dogs have different skin types and coat types, so choosing the right shampoo for your dog could take a bit of research.

Depending on your dog’s coat and skin type, there are a variety of safe and affordable shampoos to use on your dog. Never use a human shampoo or other type of cleaning agent that isn’t specifically formulated for use on dogs. These can irritate a dog’s skin and throw off his skin’s pH balance.

The main types of shampoo available for dog’s include shampoo for puppies, shampoo for dogs with normal hair, shampoo for dogs with brittle hair, shampoo for dogs with itchy skin, medicated shampoo for dogs that have fleas and ticks and deodorizing shampoo for dogs with smelly coats. Choose one of these types of shampoo to use on your dog based on his fur type and needs.

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