How do dogs use their claws?

Dogs use their claws in order to grip objects, dig, and scratch themselves or predators. All dogs have claws, and most also have a dewclaw, or what is sometimes referred to as the dog’s thumb. The dewclaw grows farther up on the dog’s paw and is sometimes removed when a dog is a puppy because it is seen as unnecessary. There is much debate about this subject.

Dogs mostly use their claws in order to grip objects like toys and bones, and to dig in soft surfaces like dirt or sand. The claws are an extension of the dog’s paws and allow for more precision when gripping and digging.

A dog will also benefit from claws when running, as the claws provide even more traction when running than the pads. A dog will also use his claws, in addition to his teeth, when fighting another dog or predator.

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