How do dogs see?

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Dogs see things very differently from people, and it’s important to understand what our canine friends are seeing, in order to better understand their world. Human eyes use cones, which detect color. A dog’s eyes use primarily rods, which detect black and white. Dog eyes are made up of 90 percent rods, and 10 percent cones. This means that they see mostly in black and white, with a few splashes of occasional color.

Rods also process movement and increase the ability of the eye to see in the dark. For this reason, dogs are more sensitive to movement than people, and often react more quickly to movement than their owners. They also have a reflective layer in their eyes that reflects light and gives extra aid in low-light situations.

Additionally, dogs are able to move their eyes within a greater field of vision than their human counterparts. While humans can only see 180 degrees without moving our heads, dogs can see around 250 degrees. Dogs are more alert to movement all around them, and not just directly in front of them or in their peripheral line of vision. This being said, dogs are thought to be nearsighted and not particularly good at viewing objects at a significant distance. Instead, they use their sense of smell and hearing to pick up on faraway objects.

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