How do dogs keep us physically healthy?

Dogs keep us physically healthy because they too need exercise. A healthy and happy dog requires at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, as an absolute minimum. Most dogs will need more exercise time than that, depending on the breed. Small dog breeds and companion dogs generally need less exercise than larger dog breeds that are in the sporting, herding and hunting groups. These dog breeds were bred to work, and therefore need to exercise to feel a sense of purpose and also to release built up energy.

The best way to bond with your dog and to get exercise yourself is to take your dog for long walks each day. Your dog will not only get to stretch his legs, but you will as well. Use your dog as motivation to walk each and every day. You can also run with your dog, swim with your dog, play fetch with your dog, hike with your dog, or even bike with your dog running beside you.

Take advantage of the many ways that you can exercise with your dog by getting out and being active every day. Your dog will love the exercise and live a healthier and happier life because of it. You’ll also get some exercise, and bond with your dog while you are taking part in these activities together.

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