How do dogs keep us emotionally healthy?

Dogs keep us emotionally happy because of their generally happy and calm demeanors. Having a dog around you can instantly lift your spirits if you are feeling sad or lonely, because dogs generally don’t have these feelings. A dog’s disposition will normally always be happy and friendly. Dogs are also extremely loyal to their owners (some breeds more than others) and have a way of making their owners feel loved and needed.

A dog will also be happy to see you when you return home after being away. Many people say that the feeling they have when their dog greets them upon returning home is one of the happiest feelings they experience. A dogs greeting is one of exuberance, relief, and joy that the owner has returned. Most dogs will greet owners with a wagging tail, kisses and affection.

Dogs are so good at keeping us emotionally healthy that they are often recommended for people who have experienced loss, who are elderly or who are sick. A dog makes an excellent companion and a lifelong friend. It’s important that the right breed of dog be chosen for the right type of owner, however, to make sure that the owner can properly care for the dog under specific circumstances.

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