How do dogs in the same household show that they simply tolerate one another?

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The ultimate goal in any multi-dog home is for your dogs to become bonded with one another. However, no matter how you might try, sometimes that friendship just isn’t meant to be. In this case, you’ll at least want the dogs to tolerate one another and that means achieving one thing only: NO FIGHTING!

How to avoid fighting dogs:

  • First, select a dog who will get along with your current canine. Look at factors like age, gender and temperament before bringing another dog into the home. If your new dog is noisy and rambunctious, or if he constantly tries to mount, he will become nothing more than an irritant, which could lead to fighting.
  • When you bring the new dog home, introduce the two on neutral territory. If you just bring the new dog into the house without caution, it might be perceived by the current dog as an intruder. Try introducing them in a park or on a neighbor’s lawn. While they might start out as a strangers, the two dogs will have the time they need to get to know one another in a comfortable setting. By the time they walk into the house, the new dog will be a pack member and friend.
  • Another way you could introduce them is to take them both for a walk, but remember there must be two people, one for each dog, or else they could begin fighting over you.
  • Avoid food aggression at all costs. This is probably the biggest cause of fights between newly-introduced dogs. Give them each separate water and food bowls and, at least for the first few weeks, let them eat in separate rooms or areas.
  • Certain items such as toys and chews create automatic rivalry, so be sure to pick them up before the new dog comes into the house.
  • The current dog might be feeling a little overwhelmed at first; while you need to let the new dog roam in order to get used to her surroundings, you should also confine him or her occasionally and let your current dog play freely. Give your current dog some quality time by playing with it one-on-one.

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