How do dogs in the same household show that they like each other?

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When dogs in the same household want to show that they like each other, they will sniff each other, play bow, rub up against and even clean each other; however, these caring relationships don’t happen overnight, so when you’re adding another dog to the household, you’ll first need to exercise a little caution in the beginning. With the correct introduction, everything will go smoothly and become a fun experience for all involved. Another dog in your home can add companionship for both you and your current dog; however, to ensure a smooth and safe introduction it’s important to note the following:

  • Get off to a good start from the very beginning and leave your current dog home when you go to pick up the new one. One of the worst things you can do is to throw them together in the car and simply hope for the best.
  • When you do introduce the two dogs, do so in a neutral place such as a park, or take them for a walk. Be sure there are as many people as there dogs. You don’t want your canines fighting over you from day one.
  • Don’t force interaction between them– they’ll play with each other when they’re ready.
  • Closely supervise them and observe the body language of both dogs. If you see any signs of tension, separate them immediately.
  • Keep tension to a minimum. Speak to them in a happy, light voice and keep leashes loose.
  • For the first few weeks, until you feel sure of their relationship, be sure to keep them separated when they’re alone.
  • Give each dog its own water and food bowl and feed them in different rooms or areas. Pick up all toys and treats after playtime. All of these items can be a source of jealousy between dogs, just as they might be with small children.

Utilize these suggestions and your dogs will be on their way to becoming best friends in no time!

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