How Compatible are Senior Dogs with Senior Citizens?

Some animal shelters and rescue leagues will give a significant discount to a senior citizen who is adopting an older pet. There are laws in place allowing senior citizens to have a pet in certain residential situations, regardless of the management’s preference. A senior citizen seeking a home with their pet, or being harassed in their current housing situation for having a pet, would do well to research the federal and state laws particular to their housing situation (e.g., condo, rent assisted, etc.).

Medical studies have correlated pet ownership with a longer and healthier lifespan. An important issue to consider is if the human’s life might be longer than that of the pet’s. It is important to make a smart decision when evaluating whether a senior citizen will live long enough to care well for a pet who inevitably becomes attached to its owner quickly.

Temperamental senior citizens and older pets can be a very good match for one another. Both are likely to be in a calmer phase of their life, one where exercise is good for them but over-exertion is not. Daily walks at a manageable pace can be enjoyed together.

One other fact to consider is the size of the senior pet. A giant dog could be difficult to put in the car for trips to the vet or park, if the senior citizen does not have proper assistance. However, there are ramps made to assist older pets into vehicles and homes if that’s something both the pet and senior citizen owner can manage.

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