How Can You Tactfully Educate Houseguests How to Behave Around Your Dog?

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While some people are natural dog lovers and know how to act around all types of dogs, others are less comfortable dealing with dogs in general. If you have a dog and are having houseguests over to your home, you may need to politely educate your houseguests on how to act around your pet. You should tell your houseguests before they arrive that you have a dog, so that they know there will be an animal present and can prepare themselves in advance.

Once your houseguests arrive, make the introduction to your dog as unintimidating as possible. Have your dog sit so that your houseguests can greet your dog calmly. If possible, give your houseguests a separate room or area that the dog can be blocked off from, so that your guests can have a place away from the dog (in the event that there is a problem.)

Deal with any issues that arise with the visit as they come up. Alert guests of any precautions they might take, such as being careful not to step on the dog’s paws, or not bothering the dog while it is eating. Other less serious issues can be addressed later on if necessary.

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