How can you show a young child the correct way to brush and comb a dog?

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Brushing and combing a dog is not only important for grooming purposes, but it can also be a great way to bond with your canine companion. Teaching a young child how to groom a dog is a good way to teach responsibility and instill animal care habits. These will help a child develop an appreciation and awareness for how animals should be treated.

First, demonstrate the proper brushing and combing techniques on the dog and allow the child to watch. Explain that being gentle and not pushing down too hard or pulling the hair is very important. Show how to brush the back, the legs and around the head. Emphasize that even strokes are important, and that areas like the face and paws do not need to be brushed or combed.

Next, have the child practice brushing or combing under your direct supervision. Never leave a young child alone to brush or comb a dog. Start by having the child brush the back of the dog, as this is the easiest area to groom. Once the child learns how to brush the back, he or she can practice brushing around the head and the legs.

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