How can you make sure you are giving the right dosage of a liquid medication?

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Ensuring you are administering the correct amount of liquid medication is extremely important. Tablets and capsules make it easy to give the correct dose, but liquid medication requires careful handling. Administering too little of a medication can prolong illness or cause medicine resistance; alternatively, administering too much of a medication can have toxic or fatal results.

Most oral liquid medications are prescribed with an oral eyedropper. This eyedropper has graduated markings on the side of the tube. Based on the doctor’s instructions, one should slowly draw up enough fluid to read the bottom of the meniscus against the appropriate volume marked.

Reading the instructions twice and re-drawing the amount of fluid required are excellent ways to ensure that you are about to administer the appropriate amount of medication. If you ever have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian.

You may also ask your veterinarian to send home a syringe with the liquid medication. A technician can easily mark the exact amount you are supposed to draw and administer.

Syringes may be easier to handle, but care should be taken in cleaning syringes as over time, the rubber stopper does get sticky. Rinsing it well and allowing it to air dry should help rectify this situation. Applying a small amount of Vaseline or mineral oil to the stopper before using will help prevent any sticking of the rubber to the plastic syringe.

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