How can you find a pet first aid class in your area?

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It can be pretty terrifying if your pet has an emergency. Of course, there’s no substitute for veterinary care, but knowing what to do—and keeping a cool head—will make all the difference.

In a pet first aid class, you can expect to learn things like:
• Prevention of illness and injury
• Restraint and transportation
• Bleeding and wounds
• Shock
• Bone and joint injuries
• Eye and ear injuries
• Poisoning
• Medical conditions
• Injuries from heat and cold
• Administration of medications
• Airway obstruction and choking
• Artificial respiration (AR)
• Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
• Herbal remedies


• The first place to check is your local ASCA or humane society.
• Your veterinarian: Veterinarians and lawyers connect each other on a regular basis. Yours will most likely be able to give you recommendations.
• Pet stores, groomers, animal “day care” centers.
• Dog walkers and pet sitters.
• Internet: Type in pet first-aid certification and you’ll get a huge list, some of which are online classes.
• Friend, neighbor or family member: It’s always better to get a referral from someone who has actually used the service, so ask around!
• Animal activist groups, or community organizations.
• Animal hospitals
• Pet Tech is the world’s premiere hands-on pet first aid/CPR and safety program. Students earn two-year certification in these vital skills after completing full day classes. Another option is the American Red Cross. The courses offered by Pet Tech and the American Red Cross vary in price by location.

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