How can you educate your young child not to disturb a dog who is sleeping, eating or chewing on a bone?

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Children and dogs are both naturally curious creatures, so chances are that when the two are put together, they will be anxious to explore whatever the other is doing. However, it’s important to educate a child about the correct way to behave around a dog so that neither the dog nor the child gets injured. Children often play rough and don’t understand the boundaries of playtime with dogs. It’s best to educate them on what they can and cannot do in order to stay safe.

Teach children early on that disturbing a dog that is sleeping, eating or chewing on a bone or toy is not acceptable. Tell a child that just as he would not like to be awoken from a deep sleep or bothered while eating or playing, a dog does not enjoy these things either. Also, let a child know that while a dog is most likely happy to be around them and friendly, dogs sometimes get angry just like humans can.

Be sure that as you are telling your young child or children these things, you also follow these rules. Children learn by following a parent’s example, so whatever you tell your children to do around the dog, you must also make a conscious effort to do. Make it a point to leave the dog alone while sleeping, eating and chewing on a bone so that a child will also learn these good behaviors.

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