How can some dogs detect early signs of epileptic seizures in people?

Some dogs are able to detect early signs of epileptic seizures in people because they have a heightened awareness of sickness and sensitivity to changes in humans and other animals. There have been many discussions and studies conducted regarding ESP and special abilities of dogs, but the truth is that we are still not entirely sure what dogs are capable of. We do know that some dogs possess this sensitivity to sickness and are able to help or warn people when someone is ill, about to have a seizure, and possibly even die.

Seizure-sensing dogs are often made companions for those with epilepsy because they can sense minute changes in behavior and alert the human that an epileptic seizure may occur. A dog must be trained to alert the human about the seizure, because just sensing it is not enough to be helpful. Dogs are also known to help a human cope with a seizure, often standing near them, laying down next to them, licking the person’s face, or searching for help.

Dogs are said to be able to pick up on a person’s aura and act accordingly. The ability to sense sickness or epileptic seizures is not breed specific. For some people, having a seizure-sensing dog can mean the difference between life and death. A person that is warned about a seizure will have time to lie down, take medication and prepare.

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