How can object permanence be used to test a dog’s intelligence?

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Object permanence is the acknowledgement that something exists, even if it is temporarily out of sight. Dogs with a high IQ and above average intelligence will often have the ability to understand that even if something is hidden, it is still there. You can use object permanence to test a dog’s intelligence by first getting a tin or bucket and the dog’s favorite toy or treat.

First, show your dog the tin and the toy or treat. Next, place the tin over the toy or treat, so that it is out of view. Then, leave your dog with the tin to see what his reaction will be. If your dog flips over the tin to get to the toy or treat, he understands object permanence. If your dog shows an interest in the tin, but gives up on flipping it over quickly, he might still understand that the toy is under the tin. If your dog ignores the tin altogether, he does not understand object permanence.

There are many different ways that you can test a dog’s intelligence using simple tests. These tests are designed to test a dog’s ability to solve problems, memorize information, objects and much more. Testing your dog’s intelligence can help you form a greater bond with your pet, and also understand your dog’s cognitive abilities compared to other dogs.


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