How can I use meal time to my advantage when teaching my dog to come?

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Learning to come is a hard command for many dogs to learn. First of all, a dog doesn’t understand the words that you are using, and also doesn’t understand the need to return to you when prompted. It goes against a dog’s nature, so most will be stubborn and slow to pick up this command. However, teaching a dog to come when called is very important for a good relationship between dog and owner.

You should start teaching your dog to come when called when it is a puppy, if possible. Start by saying the word “come” and luring your dog to you with a treat or other food reward. This begins the initial association in a dog’s mind that when she hears the word “come”, and she goes to her owner, she will be positively rewarded. Show your dog affection whenever she comes to you when called.

You can also use your dog’s everyday activities to help them learn the meaning of “come.” For example, when it is meal time, hold your dog’s food dish in your hand while you say “come.” Your dog will come to the dish because she wants to eat, but will also unconsciously make the connection between “come” and food time. You can also do this when your dog goes to the door for a walk.

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