How Can I Use an Eyedropper to Give Liquid Medication to My Dog?

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When administering liquid medication to a dog, the prescription should come equipped with an eyedropper. Always make sure to use the eyedropper that comes with your pet’s medication packaging. Read the prescription instructions carefully, to ensure that you fully understand the amount of liquid that needs to be administered daily.

On the side of the eyedropper, it should be graduated for different volumes with labels. It’s typical to see 0.25ml, 0.50ml, 0.75ml, and 1.0ml or various other volumes depending on the size of the eyedropper. These gradients are where you are to measure the total volume to draw up and administer when you squeeze the bulb of the eyedropper.

Carefully squeeze the bulb until you draw the amount of liquid prescribed. To accurately measure the volume, you compare the bottom of the meniscus (the very center and bottom of the surface of the fluid you draw) against the gradient on the side of the eyedropper. Once you have pulled up the required dosage, you may release your grip on the bulb and allow the fluid to be pulled into the bulb until you are ready to administer the medication.

Have your dog restrained in such a manner that you can easily open his mouth without being bitten, and quickly squeeze the bulb of the eyedropper with the tip pointing at the back of the tongue. Your dog will instinctively swallow when the back of the throat senses the fluid hitting it.

The purpose of an eyedropper is to administer a small volume of medication quickly to the back of the throat. This allows many pet owners to complete the prescribed treatment of medication to their pets, without the anxiety or hassle of administering pills.

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