How can I use a warm washcloth to clean my dog’s face and eyes?

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When grooming your dog at home, it’s important to be careful around his eyes and ears. If water or shampoo gets in your dog’s eye, it can quickly irritate your dog’s eye. If water gets into your dog’s ears, it could lead to an ear infection. Because of this, many dog owners don’t wash their dog’s face and eyes when they are cleaning the rest of the body. Instead, you can use a warm washcloth to wash your dog’s face and eyes.

To wash your dog’s face, wet a soft washcloth with warm water and gently swap that washcloth over your dog’s face. Wet the cloth again, ringing it out at the same time. Continue to wet and wipe your dog’s face, eyes and muzzle with the wet washcloth.

If your dog’s face is particularly dirty, wet the washcloth and apply a dab of gentle soap or tear-free shampoo. Rub the cloth on your dog’s face, and then wash the soap out of the washcloth and wipe your dog’s face again with the fresh washcloth.

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