How can I train my dog to sit up on command?

Teaching your dog to sit up on command is a more advanced trick. Before you attempt this trick, you should teach your dog more basic tricks like sitting, laying down and shaking. Once your dog has a firm command of these tricks, he should be ready to learn more advanced tricks like sitting up or begging. Teaching your dog to sit patiently is the basis for teaching your dog to sit up on command.

First, have your dog sit and remain sitting for a few moments. Next, hold a small piece of his favorite food just above his nose so that he can smell it, see it, but not reach it. Your dog’s initial reaction will most likely be to jump at the food. If he does so, raise the food so that he cannot get it and tell him to sit again. Place the food back down towards your dog’s nose, just out of reach. Continue to do this until your dog lifts his front paws off the ground and sits on his haunches in order to reach the food.

Only give your dog the food reward once he is balanced on his haunches and sitting up correctly. If your dog seems off balance or unable to hold the position on his own, try standing directly behind him during the exercise so that he can lean against your legs for balance. Continue practicing this trick until your dog sits up steadily every time you ask him to do so. Only reward the completed behavior, not the attempts so that your dog knows he must sit up the entire way to get the treat.

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