How can I train my dog to roll over on command?

Teaching your dog to roll over is considered a more advanced trick compared to other tricks like sit or paw. In order to teach your dog to roll over, you’ll first need to teach him some simpler tricks, like sit and down. After your dog can successfully lay down on command, you can begin working with him to get him to roll over.

First, get your dog to lay down by having him sit and then saying “down” while you place a treat on the ground in front of the dog. If your dog just stoops down to get the treat, you can gently push his back down to get him into a laying down position. Give plenty of praise and the treat when your dog lays down. Next, tell him “over” by holding a treat to the left of your dogs head when he is in a lay down position. Gently push the right shoulder of your dog over to encourage the roll over movement.

When your dog can successfully get on his side using the “down” and “over” commands, you can then teach him to fully roll over. When your dog is on his side, move a treat from one side of his head to the other. Many dogs will naturally roll from one side to the other in order to get the treat, using their weight as momentum to roll over. Practice as many times as necessary to get the sequence of commands down so that your dog can eventually go right from “down” to “roll over.”

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