How can I train my dog to ride in a stroller during outdoor walks?

Many pet owners opt to have their dog ride in a stroller during outdoor walks for a variety of reasons. Dog strollers protect dogs from weather elements like rain and sun, can be useful for small dogs that get tired easily, or older dogs who cannot walk well, but still deserve outdoor access. No matter the reason for using a dog strolled, you’ll most likely have to train your dog to get into the stroller for the first few times you use it.

The best way to get your dog into a dog stroller is to show your dog the dog stroller inside the comfort of your home. Allow your dog to fully sniff and investigate the dog stroller when it is motionless and unimposing. Your dog will develop a curiosity about the stroller, but hopefully not a fear. Once your dog is comfortable with the stroller, you can place a few treats inside the stroller so that your dog has to enter the stroller in order to get the treats.

Keep doing this exercise for a few days before you intend to use the stroller. When you want to use the stroller, get your dog into it using the treats, but this time, move the stroller. Reassure your dog with calming praise and more treats if necessary to get him to stay inside the stroller. Most dogs eventually enjoy the stroller and being pushed outside, experiencing the world without having to walk.

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