How can I train my cat to like catnip?

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Unfortunately, you cannot train a cat to respond to catnip. They either react to the substance, or they don’t. Statistics suggest that only 50 percent of cats enjoy the mildly hallucinogenic properties of the herb and will exhibit the typical “high” behavior.

Cats that do enjoy catnip tend to get wild eyes. They will leap and pounce on toys and one another. They often drool and roll on the floor. Others will become glassy eyed, purr loudly, and even drool. Real lightweights just conk out and go to sleep.

Veterinarians advise that you wait until your cat is at least six months of age to introduce him to catnip. Another option is honeysuckle, which many cats enjoy.

A word of caution, however, it’s perfectly safe for cats to eat catnip, but the jury is out in regard to honeysuckle. Some of the vines put out berries, and those definitely should not be eaten by cats.

If your cat is a honeysuckle lover, gather the leaves and crush them to release the aroma, but make sure there are no berries included in the mix. To be extra safe, put the crushed honeysuckle in a small cotton bag and present him with his own custom toy.

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