How can I train my boat dog not to leave the boat?

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Many people who have boats may wish to bring their dogs on board for recreational or hunting purposes. Although boating with a dog can be very fun, you should never bring an untrained dog onto a boat. Dogs who do not listen to commands, and venture off without their owner’s consent, can get into big trouble and be a real safety hazard for themselves and others on board.

You should first introduce your dog to the boat while it is beached or docked. Teach your dog how to properly enter and exit the boat and how to sit and stay while on the boat. When the boat is on the water, you should remain calm and relaxed, so that your dog will not pick up on any anxiety or tension on your part and act differently or do something unexpected.

If you are worried about your dog leaving the boat, leash him and tie it to a a secure and safe part on the boat. Always keep a watchful eye on your dog to ensure his safety and comfort. If your dog seems anxious or uncomfortable on the boat, he may be telling you that boating life is not for him.

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