How can I tell if my dog is lonely and wants another pet for a playmate?

Many dogs do extremely well coexisting with another dog because another dog provides a source of companionship. While dogs do bond with their owners, the dog between two dogs can be extremely rewarding and bring a dog great happiness. Dogs who have playmates will most likely exercise more and occupy themselves instead of turning to the owners for entertainment.

If your dog behaves well around other dogs and is always excited and eager to meet other dogs at a dog park or on walks, he may be giving you hints that he would like a playmate at home. While it’s impossible to determine what a dog is actually thinking, his behaviors will clue you in onto what he wants. Dogs that romp around and interact with many different breeds of dogs would do well with another dog at home.

Another clue that your dog may want a playmate at home is if your dog often sleeps a lot or is restless around the house. With two dogs at home, the dogs can chase and play with each other in order to keep each other busy and occupied. One dog may sleep a lot, annoy owners or get into trouble just because there is nothing else to do. Another pet in the home is a surefire way to alleviate boredom.

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