How can I teach my dog to sit on a table?

Training a dog to sit on a low-level table is a worthwhile endeavor if you plan to show your dog or have him participate in competitions, such as agility or obedience competitions. The act of getting a dog to sit on a table is considered harder than having your dog sit on the ground because a dog’s initial instinct will be to get off the table. The trick here is to get your dog to remain on the table until you tell him to get down.

The first step to getting your dog to sit on a table is to make sure that he has an absolute understanding of sitting on the ground. A dog that has not mastered this trick will not be successful at sitting on a table. Once your dog has mastered sitting on the ground, teach him to jump on onto the table that you have provided.

Once on the table, the command should be exactly the same as it is on the ground. Tell your dog to “sit,” and once he does, reward him accordingly. Encourage your dog to continue sitting on the table by offering another food reward. The goal is to get your dog to sit still on the table for five seconds. Once you tell your dog to get down, he should then jump down off of the table.

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