How can I teach my dog to play hide-and-seek with me?

While it’s unlikely that your dog will ever learn the intricacies and rules of hide and seek, you should be able to play a much simpler version of the game with your canine friend. Dogs are naturally curious creatures, so it will most likely be easier to teach your dog to seek you than hide from you. Playing the seek part of the game is simple, just hide from your dog and make some noise to give him a clue of where you might be. Tapping or whistling should tip your dog off to where you might be hiding.

A good way to get your dog to participate in the hiding part of the game is to initiate a game of chase. If your dog likes to be chased, he will most likely run away from you when you begin chasing after him. Many dogs will run to a “safe spot” in the house, like a crate or behind a couch or chair, to get away from you while you are chasing them. This is a dog’s version of hiding, though you’ll most likely always know where your dog is when he is hiding.

Playing this version of hide-and-seek with your dog is a great way for your dog to stay mentally active and get some exercise when running around to find you and hide from you. Owner-dog interactive games will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

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