How can I teach leash manners to my dog?

Teaching basic obedience commands establishes you as the benevolent leader and calms the dog. It’s also a great bonding experience for you both, because you can make your sessions so much fun that your dog will actually look forward to them.
Patience and consistency are essential during training. Positive reinforcement is more effective Instead of punishing the dog, if she neglects to finish a command, give her a reward when she does. Use dog treats to persuade and tempt your dog to sit, stop, stay or roll over. Show the dog the treat, give the command and praise and reward when she obeys you. Over time, the dog learns to obey the command without the need for treats.
If your dog develops undesirable traits, such as lying on the sofa, jumping on the bed or barking at strangers, it’s up to you to correct the behavior. Catch your dog in the moment. If she jumps on the sofa and firmly discipline her. First, remove her from the sofa or bed and put her on the floor. Then, say, “get off,” make eye contact and wait for your dog to look away and show submissiveness. If she refuses to obey, place it in a timeout; put your dog in a crate for 15 minutes.
Make sure you catch her in the act, whether it’s good or bad: if you wait too long, your dog won’t understand what it is being rewarded and praised for. Don’t wait until your dog has finished barking at a stranger; correct the behavior as soon as it starts. If you see the problem coming, warn your dog with a quick “no” beforehand and she may refrain from barking completely.
All family members must be aware of what the dog is allowed to do, and not allowed to do; if you teach your dog not to eat from the table, but another family member feeds your dog table scraps, it can trigger confusion.

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