How can I stop my dog from bullying my cat?

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While most cats and dogs will eventually get along once they realize that they must share a space, some dogs will relentlessly try to bully cats. A dog will bully a cat for a number of reasons, including claiming territory, predatory instincts, or lack of socialization with other animals. It’s more likely that a dog will bully a cat if the cat is brought into a home after the dog has lived there for a period of time.

You can stop your dog from bullying your cat by monitoring their initial engagements. Keep the dog and cat in separate rooms for a while, and introduce them slowly. If the dog and cat are in the same room, be sure that the cat has a way to get above the dog if it becomes scared. Teaching your dog that the cat is not an object to be bullied is also important; say “no” in a calm and assertive voice when the dog tries to attack the cat.

You should also make sure that the dog and cat each have enough toys to keep them occupied on their own. Some dogs will bully cats out of sheer boredom, so providing enough toys and exercise could cut down on the bullying. Taking your dog to obedience training may also control the bullying tendencies.

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