How can I prevent my cat from becoming dehydrated?

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A dehydrated cat can be in serious danger of a range of life-threatening situations, including kidney failure and coma. While wild cats will drink water, they typically get many of the liquids they need from the blood and flesh of their prey. Because domestic cats do not have a high thirst drive, it can be hard to ensure that your cat is getting enough water on a daily basis.

Ensure that your cat always has plenty of clean and fresh water available. Some cats prefer to drink running water; so a mini water fountain can be  good way of encouraging a cat to drink.

The food that you feed your cat will impact his or her hydration levels greatly. A cat only fed dry kibble will have much less in the way of hydration. This is why many veterinarians recommend that cat owners feed their cats a combination of canned food, with its much higher water content, alongside kibble.

If you believe that your cat is dehydrated, you should not hesitate to take him to the vet clinic, so that your veterinarian can offer intravenous fluids.

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