How can I obtain free samples of commercial cat food?

Free samples are a convenient way to try new products or even enjoy a smaller amount of a product you already use regularly. Especially in these economic times, free samples can be a great way to feed your cat a nutritious diet with a limited budget.

There is one caveat, though. Changing any cat’s diet abruptly can lead to digestive disorders, so you should get free samples of what you’re already feeding her—or use them to obtain treats.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for ways to obtain these free samples:
• First, determine the kinds of free products you would like to receive.
• Set up a free email address. Rather than using your main email address to respond to offers for free products, establish separate one to keep any junk mail or follow up inquiries out of your inbox.
• Conduct an online search using your favorite browser. Limit the search by using a series of key phrases that are relevant to the type of free samples you want to obtain, like “free samples” coupled with “cat food” or even the name of a specific brand. Join an online survey site; many provide the opportunity for registered users to receive free samples of products they are interested in. You would use the product and then submit an evaluation or critique of the product.
• Contact manufacturers directly and inquire about free samples. You can find contact information on the websites operated by the manufacturers. Some companies maintain a listing of consumers who are willing to test new products in exchange for receiving a free sample but understand that they usually do share the information with other manufacturers.
• Bookmark your favorite sites. If you come across a site that routinely offers information on free samples of a product line you enjoy, bookmark the site and visit it often. These sites are updated frequently, in some cases daily basis.

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