How can I keep my dog safe with all the holiday decorations around the house?

The best way to make sure your dog enjoys a safe and happy holiday is to keep the following potential hazards out of her reach.

• Candles: Can be easily knocked over by tails.
• Fireplaces: Those dancing flames and crackling embers can be fascinating.
• Stoves: During the holidays there’s a lot of cooking and baking. The curious dog will scavenge for food and possibly counter surf. The paw slips, the stove knobs turn and a house fire is started.
• Potpourri: Might contain toxic oils
• Snow globes: Contains antifreeze, poisonous to dogs, but attractive because of the sweet taste.
• Ribbons, yarn, and string can cause an intestinal obstruction, and it can require surgery and can be fatal.
• Amaryllis, especially the white and red flowers
• Holly berries, but don’t confuse it with the holly leaves, because those are fine
• Yew trees, a type of evergreen sometimes used as a Christmas tree
• Batteries for toys or other gifts can be toxic and cause intestinal obstruction. Be sure to keep them in a safe place until you are ready to use them.
• Perfumes, after-shaves and essential oils: Contain ethanol (alcohol) can be very toxic to dogs if swallowed.
• Tinsel: Can cause blockages in your dog’s stomach and intestine, which
often require surgery to remove. It may be best to leave it off the tree altogether.
• Angel hair, flocking, and artificial snow are mildly toxic to your dog but,
if eaten in larger amounts, can also cause a blockage in the intestine.
• Electrical cords (including cords of Christmas tree lights). Chewing
can cause problems for your dog ranging from burned mouths, to
electrical shock, to death by electrocution.
• Food items: Especially chocolate, macadamia nuts and raisins—often in boxes of holiday candy.
• Christmas tree: Make sure the base is heavy so it can’t be knocked over.

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