How can I keep my dog quiet during a flight?

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If you are traveling with your dog in the plane cabin, it’s best to research how you can keep your dog quiet during a flight so that he does not cause a disturbance. A dog barking or whining during a flight will not only annoy you, but will also annoy other passengers.

Before entering the airport and boarding the flight, make sure that your dog has had ample exercise time and has gone to the bathroom. Avoid feeding your dog for three hours before a flight so that he will not have any urges to go to the bathroom once inside the airport. Exercise before the flight will tire your dog out and allow him to release any extra energy or excitement. This also increases the chance that he will relax and sleep on the flight.

If you know that your dog is particularly anxious, or does not travel well (even in cars), you can visit your vet before your trip to get prescription medications or sedatives that will aid in the relaxation process. Sedatives will make your dog tired and hopefully cause your dog to relax and sleep during the flight.

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