How can I hide a pill successfully in food to give my cat?

There are many anecdotes about how to give a cat a pill. Highlights include hilarious blurbs about cat owners having the skin shredded from their hands, and needing to peel the cat off of the ceiling. Fear not, because there are actually a few very effective methods when it comes to giving a cat a pill.

Perhaps the first thing that you should do is to ask your veterinarian if there are any liquid versions of the medication that you need to give to your cat. If there aren’t any liquid forms available, then you will need to find out if the pill can be safely crushed before being offered to the feline. Some medications are designed to be time-released once they are ingested; crushing them will cause too much of the medication to hit the cat’s blood stream simultaneously, which could cause additional problems for an already stressed or ill cat.

If the pills can be safely crushed, then you can go ahead and buy your cat’s favorite canned food or other delicious treat such as peanut butter, sour cream or canned tuna in which to mix the crushed pill.. When mixing up the crushed pill, be sure to only use a very small amount of food so that you can ensure the cat eats the majority of the medication. If he eats it all successfully, then you can give him a bit more for a treat.

There are also treats for cats and dogs on the market called “Pill Pockets”. These handy little snacks allow pet owners to sneak the pills into treats, so that they can be consumed by the cat who simply thinks they are a tasty treat.

Try to avoid hiding the pill in your cat’s regular food, because he is likely to be very aware of any differences in the regular dinner routine. When it comes to getting a cat to take medication, patience is always key.

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